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This is the REAL prolife movement!

You may have forgotten them, but I won't let you forget those the previous administrations failed to protect. The victims of Gun Violence. They are the fallen soldiers we forget to remember. Let's stop treating mass shootings like natural disasters that we have no control over.

  • Take domestic violence seriously

  • Reduce Gun Violence by 60%

  • Continual education for carry permits

  • Require firearm insurance

We must continue to make our state safer from senseless Gun Violence. The most important thing that we can do right now, is not only ban military style weapons from our streets, but to fight against a culture of Gun Violence. In the last two years, Gun Violence has increased substantially throughout our cities. Gun Violence is becoming a contagious behavior submerged in domestic violence. Just look around the block for numerous examples.

With 56 individuals being killed every 14 hours, why isn't any politician treating Gun Violence like the epidemic that it is? Previous politicians have let us down and current politicians continue to ignore the needed reforms to our gun safety laws that would benefit everyone in our community. That stops with me! NOT Charlie, NOT Nikki, but ME.

  • Different permits for different firearms

  • Reform gun and ammunition sale laws

  • Adjust stand your ground rule

  • Free mental health for all

I'm tired of your thoughts and prayers. I understand that civic liberties must be balanced with public safety, which must be balanced with the rights of gun ownership. Because our current, and previous, administration failed to put in place sensible gun regulation and since we can not control who buys them, I will apply the same legal laws to any military assault, high capacity, and automatic weapons as we have for grenades.

To put teeth into the law, with the use of private lawsuits, I will empower private citizens to enforce any ban on manufacturing and sale of any assault weapons. Removing weapons of war off our streets, what can be more pro-life than that?

Please donate today, your contribution will make a difference.


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