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Criminal Justice

The system we formed to protect us is now the source of our anxieties. Every day we fall victims to similar problems that are repetitive, common, and hazardous. In the next six years, lets transform the criminal justice system without delay. Law enforcement must transition from warrior policing model to guardianship model.

  • Our law enforcement union is a disgrace and let our communities down. In order to preserve our unions, they must relinquish control over the arbitration process

- Require law enforcement officers to carry independent liability insurance

- Reassign law enforcement responsibilities

- Allow Feds to investigate

- Disarm the lower ranks

  • State will do away with death row and replaced with ASP (Assistant Suicide Program)

Our Judge failed to practice his responsibility to protect Breonna. Reforming our current court system must be our next administration's top priority. Our criminal cases are sensitive and their principal aim is to maintain Law and Order.

  • Start walking away from our current bail bond industry.

  • Remove mandatory minimums

  • Insure that all criminal cases take priority over all immigration cases and all immigration cases take priority over civil cases.

To change any organization, we must invest in proper characters. Leadership must lead with integrity, ability, and honesty. While at the same time introduce programs with proper incentives that focuses on hiring well-trained individuals with bright minds to serve and protect.

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