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[Response.....Ability...] as the ability to choose how one response to life.

The farther we get behind on innovation, the higher the chances that other nations will successfully push their digital central currencies on the rest of the world and away from your dollars. We may know what's coming next and the question becomes how fast does it come and what are the consequences of being left behind only due to the inaction of our State Government? 

Many of us simply do not realize that we have a choice and therefore don't exercise our ability to choose. 

To solve the next generation's problems we must have leadership that is able to look out for the greater good of the entire whole.

Let's elevate leadership that focuses on our community's inner struggle rather than outward conformity. Let's promote ones who are willing to incubate future technologies and improve State infrastructure to accommodate those technologies. Ones that modernize government services, public work programs, and strengthen our social safety nets while at the same time bringing about honesty and effectiveness in our local governments. 

I encourage our current administration to focus our resources on education, high tech jobs, health programs, creating new start-ups (since they should be the backbone of this State), and NOT focusing on the before 2024 Presidential campaign. 

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