Glass Buildings


This is not the time to get greedy, as it's a great time to pull profits from your equities and invest in Florida's future State Government. With different Covid variants floating around, donations become that much more important to get the message out to the uninformed. So please donate generously.  If you cannot afford it at this time, please consider giving us your vote.

Old School Check Instructions

Make checks payable To: "Lundmark for Governor". If you have a Joint Account, you can donate max $6,000. IF, BOTH of your signatures are on the one check


527 or 501(c)(4) Donations

Please include the following Form DS-DE 102 simultaneously with your donation or emailing it to

Mail To: P.O. BOX 650689 Vero Beach, FL 32965

(If you do not fill out the check or form properly, your check will be automatically shredded)